Centro de Tecnología de recursos Minerales y Cerámica

CETMIC researches and develops ceramic, refractory minerals and applications for industry.

CETMIC is a facility that performs both scientific research in the field of ceramic materials, refractory clays and technological applications, as well as research and technological developments for the industry.

The studies range from the geological and characterization of raw materials (clays and minerals in general) and processes to final product characterization and development of new products.

Its main objective research and technological development of everything related to ceramic materials and related raw materials, human resources training and knowledge transfer to production environment.


4th symposium of scholarship holders and students of CETMIC
The CETMIC had its 4th day of students research presentation where they present their anual research and discuss with each other their results. This year it was the presentation of two guest researchers of the PlaPiMu-CINDECA research center

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