Centro de Tecnología de recursos Minerales y Cerámica


fachada cetmic

The idea of a research and development, with responsibility in the field of technology of mineral resources in the local environment, materialized in 1971 when the Department of Chemical Technology, Faculty of Exact Sciences, UNLP and the Commission Scientific Research of Buenos Aires Province (CIC) signed an agreement to study the use of such resources in the Province of Buenos Aires. This agreement was later extended, allowing for the Area of Ceramic Materials Testing Laboratory and Research Technology (LEMIT) of the Ministry of Public Works of the Province of Buenos Aires. The tasks were developed on the premises of the Faculty of Sciences and the LEMIT.

Dr. Theodore G. Krenkel, a professor at the Faculty of Exact and Researcher of CONICET, proposed in 1977, the creation of the Technology Center of Minerals and Ceramics (CETMIC).

In 1979 the LEMIT was transferred to the CIC. In 1985 CETMIC became dependent solely on keeping the terms of CIC and scientific collaboration with CONICET grants. In 1991 he completed the signing of an agreement between the CIC and CONICET for the operation and development of Provincial Centres belonging to the Agency for Science and Technology, which included the CETMIC.


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